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Full linked necklace of 14 repeating flat droplets with a slight curve. Lies flat on the neck. A style that can be worn with anything. The total weight is 22.5g and the length is 42cm (16″) fastening with a trigger catch.


Silver double wave polished bangle. Made to average bangle size of 18, can make a smaller or larger version . Weight 23g. Width at widest points 10mm.


Curled silver shell pendant with matt centre and polished outer.

3-d leaf folded silver drop earrings


3-d folded leaf drop earrings in silver with a polished and matte finish. The total length of the earrings is 40mm, the leaf is 19mm long and 7mm wide. A single earring weighs 1.6g. There is a matching pendant for these earrings that is subtly larger than the earring.

Abstract shell ring


Sterling silver ring coiled into an abstract shell design. Polished outer and band with satin finish inside. The ring tapers with the rounded band going to 2.5mm wide. The shell section of the ring curves and is 20mm long and at it’s widest 11mm. Ring weighs 5.2g and can be made to any size.

Abstract shell studs


Sterling silver medium size studs coiled into an abstract shell design. Polished outer with satin finish inside. The post is positioned approx 1/3 down from the top. The stud is 14.5mm long and 10mm wide. Single earring weighs 1.4g

Bones silver bracelet


Forged silver links connected to each other, a bracelet that can be worn everyday, once on it will stay with you forever. Each link is 19mm long and 4mm wide.

Bones silver necklace


Forged silver links connected to each other, solid bars of silver with elegance. Each link is 28mm long and 4mm wide.

Buckle tension silver hook bangle


Simple bangle with a hook and loop detail. Sits closer on the wrist as the hook opens so it slightly expands to fit over the hand.,Weight 17g. Width 4.5mm flat section.

Contours continual round wire wrap bangle


Starting with one long piece of silver wire, it is tightly wrapped layer over layer creating one continuous wiry wonder. Build the collection with matching ring, pendant and earrings.

Weight 29g. Average width 10mm, round standard bangle size.

Contours continual round wire wrap pendant


The perfect sized pendant, big enough to get noticed without being heavy this coiled wire pendant has matching bangle, ring and earrings.

Weight 5g. 4mm wide, 25mm diameter circle, on 450mm (18″) spiga chain with 8mm trigger catch.

Contours continual round wire wrap ring


Lovely wide ring that makes a statement but is easy to wear everyday, layers of wrapped wire pulled tight then the wires fit into each other, every ring comes out subtly differently from theo one before.

Weight per pair 7.5g. 10mm wide.

Contours textured continual wire wrap bangle


Texture is applied by hand onto each strip of wire before even beginning to form into a bangle, then wrapped tightly to form a unique bangle every time. The texture also ties in with the Essence Collection.

Weight 14.5g. Average width 6.75mm, round standard bangle size.